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Know about Tortilla?

The word tortilla originated from the Spanish word “tort” which means cake. The word was first documented in mid 1600s. Tortilla was typically popular in Mexico at the very beginning. But now a days, the food is extremely renowned through the American region, including North America and Canada.


If you do love having tortilla, then let’s know about the ingredients of tortilla. A tortilla is nothing but a flat, circular and thin flatbread. This is typically made from maize hominy meal. Nowadays, it is also made from wheat flour. There are mainly four varieties of tortilla.

Corn Tortilla

Tortilla is typically made from maize hominy meal, which is evidently the oldest variety. Now the question is, what is maize hominy meal? This comes from the ground nixtamalized corn. Lots of Latin American dishes are made from this. Dishes like gorditas, tamales, corn tortilla, pupusas are made from this type of corn. From 1500-500 BC, people from Oaxaca, Mexico made tortilla for the very first time. That was the time when everything was initiated. Then, from 19th century onwards, dedicated utensils are made to make tortillas, as the dish was getting popular day by day.


This is a typical tortilla variety which is made from cactus-corn. This is also a variety of tortilla which is equally popular in Mexico.

Wheat Tortilla

Wheat is not invented in Mexico. Europeans first coined the concept of wheat, which was typically cultivated in American Continents.

However, wheat tortilla was first introduced in North Mexico. The main ingredients of wheat tortilla are oil and baking powder. The way of preparation is exactly the same as corn tortilla. Nowadays, wheat tortillas are extremely popular throughout Mexico and American Continent.

Rice tortilla

This is the newest form of tortilla which is made from rice. Certain regions of Mexico and America prefer rice tortilla more than corn and wheat tortilla.

Wide range of traditional & On trend products

Trend is everything, everything is trend. When it comes to food, you have to be experimental. Tortilla is a go to food for people who live in American Continent. We believe that, “Fresh is best”! We do maintain the traditional sense of food with contemporary touch.

Our products are mainly focused on three variants, regular tortillas, taco tortillas and tortilla chips. All of them are absolutely certified gluten-free. El Mercado mainly focuses on your health with the taste and quality keeping in mind.

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